Find Out Which Red Sea Salt Mix Is Right For Your Tank | Reef Builders

Find Out Which Red Sea Salt Mix Is Right For Your Tank | Reef Builders

Choosing the right salt for your aquarium and knowing the proper way to prepare saltwater is key to a successful home aquarium. Red Sea has come out with a salt mix recipe wizard to help streamline this decision making process.

Once you input your tank data and decide if growth or color is top of your list the recipe wizard will display the best mix for you. You will also receive tips on how to achieve the best growth and color from your corals using various Red Sea additives and reef aquarium products.

Red Sea offers two salt mixes,Β RedΒ SeaΒ Salt and Coral Pro Salt. Both mixes are premium reef mixes, so how do you know which one should you use?

Red Sea salt comes from, you guessed it the Red Sea, and contains all the trace elements found in the living reef. It is also enhanced with foundation elements like magnesium and calcium perfect for your reef aquarium environments.

Is it possible to achieve both vivid colors and amazing growth at the same time? Alkalinity of 8 or 12 dKH? And what about the art of mixing? How can you ensure a perfect mix?

Which salt is best for your tank? Check out this video which goes into more detail about Red Sea salt mixes and the different elements required for a reef tank. It is full of interesting facts and will help you get the best results from your mix.

Choosing your salt is only the first step. Next you will need to learn how to mix your salt mix and when to perform a water change. Did you know your RO water temperature should be no more than 20C (68F) when mixing up a new batch of saltwater?

Grab yourself a bucket and clip a powerhead to the side of the bucket to stir up the water. Once the water is moving you should always add the salt directly to the water and not the other way around. Mix the water for as long as it takes until the water turns from cloud to clear, and do not exceed 2hr of mixing time.

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