Record Video And Feed Your Fish Using QEye & QShooter From AutoAqua | Reef Builders

Record Video And Feed Your Fish Using QEye & QShooter From AutoAqua | Reef Builders

As we are enjoying the last few weekends of summertime camping we find ourselves wondering about our fishes left at home. While searching for an automatic feeder, we remembered a unique auto feeding device from the Reef Builders archives.

The QEye and QShooter by AutoAqua is part webcam and part pellet gun, both with built in WiFi connection. After connecting your devices to the QSmart Online app you can spy on your fish with QEye webcam, or shoot them tiny fish pellets with the QShooter.

We admit not everyone needs a pellet shooting webcam hooked up to their tank, however, this device does fill a gap in livestock monitoring and feeder when away from home. We’re more than curious to play pew pew pew with out fish food and test one on our 90g reef tank.

QEye is the webcam side of the device which sticks to the outside of aquarium glass up to .75 inch thick. Using the smart app, you can take pictures, recorded videos, and easily share them too the web.

QEye comes with a rotating lens offering 120 degree field of view. QEye is attached to the glass with an easily-adjusted magnetic mounting. The QEye is more than just a simple webcam it also allows you to invite friends to watch the live streaming of your aquarium in HD 720 resolution.

QShooter is the only auto feeder that shoot pellets like a tiny canon. There are various feeding modes and you can control the shooting power and shooting times using smart devices. When using the QSmart App a reminder can also be sent by email when the pellet hopper is empty.

QEye & QShooter Combo, is an aquarium interactive system that allows you to enjoy a live feeding show from your smart device. It is easy to install and use. You can watch and feed the aquarium inhabitants with various feeding modes at any time from anywhere. It can also function as a real-time surveillance system and make automatic feeding when you are away. The retail price for the QEye & QShooter combo is $349.

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