Zazu - South Carolina Aquarium

Zazu – South Carolina Aquarium

Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Stranding Location: Caper’s Inlet, near Deewee’s Island, SC

Arrival Date: 01/07/2019

Age: Juvenile

Weight: 1.98 kg (4.3 pounds)

Case History

This teeny tiny green sea turtle was found floating in Caper’s Inlet by Captain Lee Taylor. Captain Lee Taylor, who also found Fawkes, another current patient, was not new to recognizing distressed turtles. Cap’n Taylor quickly called the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) and boated this little turtle to Isle of Palms Marina. He was then picked up by SCDNR volunteer Mary Pringle and transported the rest of the way to the South Carolina Aquarium.


At admit, Zazu was very lethargic, had a body temperature of around 60°F and had a missing left eye. Though vet staff wasn’t sure what trauma caused the eye injury, it had completely healed up. Zazu’s bloodwork was within normal limits, so he received fluids, vitamins and was started on antibiotics. Radiographs showed that one of the lungs might have the start of pneumonia, but looked otherwise clear. After admit, Zazu was placed in a foam-padded bin in room that was set to a lower temperature so that Zazu’s body temperature could be slowly increased overnight. Zazu is the first patient of 2019 and was named using this year’s naming theme, The Lion King.


January 13, 2019: The day after admit, Zazu received a CT scan and was then placed in a very shallow water tank down in ICU. Zazu was offered fish and lettuce, and ate the fish immediately. Over the last few days, Zazu has been eating fish well, but has not yet taken a liking to veggies yet. Zazu is receiving antibiotic injections biweekly and once he defecates we will be able to increase his diet.

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