Charlotte - South Carolina Aquarium

Charlotte – South Carolina Aquarium

Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

Stranding Location: Cherry Grove Pier, North Myrtle Beach, SC
Arrival Date: 6/10/20
Age: Juvenile
Weight: 2.7 kgs (5.87 lb)

Case History

Charlotte was caught late in the evening by hook and line from the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier.  In addition to the J-hook and leader in the esophagus, the turtle also had a J-hook embedded under its right front flipper in the ventral side of the shoulder. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) permit holder and transporter, Linda Mataya, responded to the pier and held the turtle safely overnight for transport the next morning. After an already long, busy week of transporting multiple turtles from North Myrtle Beach to the aquarium, Linda was fortunate to be able to meet a SCDNR staff member halfway. Abby Chaney, seasonal SCDNR employee, who was then able to transport Charlotte the remainder of the way to the Sea Turtle Care Center (STCC) for treatment.


Upon arrival, weight, bloodwork and an xray were taken. Once the blood was processed and our vet staff was able to evaluate the radiographs, Charlotte was sedated for the hook removal procedure. Luckily, both hooks were able to be removed under mild sedation without any major surgical procedures. After the procedure, Charlotte was given antibiotics, fluids and vitamins, and allowed to sleep off the sedation overnight in a wetdock bin.


June 15, 2020: The next day Charlotte was tried in a bin with shallow water. She was quiet and relatively inactive at first, but once she began to perk up she was moved to a larger tank with shallow water. She is now active and alert, and has begun to eat small amounts of fish and defecate crab shell material.

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