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Unknown Species of Dwarf Moray Eel?

Photo by Polpich Komson, 10/18/2008

An unidentified species of dwarf moray eel found? James Dandar, of St Pete Saltwater Aquarium Store LLC, recently communicated this to Richard Back of Afishionado on March 30,2022. James has kept this gold and purple dwarf moray eel for the last 2 years, which his supplier sourced from Sri Lanka. The moray has maintained a size of approximately 8 inches over the last 2 years. James stated the eel currently “only eats freshly killed ghost shrimp or peppermint shrimp” while under his care.

James provided the following photos, video, and his correspondence with the Smithsonian Museum.

Taken when just arrived at James Dandar’s store

Specimen living in a dedicated nano tank at the store for the last 2 years

James Dandar also reached out to the Smithsonian Museum. A tissue sample he provided did not positively identify it as any existing specimen of eel to date. David Smith from the Smithsonian Institute replied, “It is closely linked to an unidentified specimen from the Philippines that is in our collection.”

Species Database provided by Smithsonian Museum

Apparently this gold and purple dwarf moray was photographed (feature photo) and shared by photographer Polpich Komson of Indonesia back in October 18, 2008, and shared on Flickr.

As you can see, the ocean is still a great unknown today with much to explore and learn from in order to preserve it.

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