the movement pump by OASE

OASE isn’t well- known for movement pumps, but for its external filters (wonderful filters, I would add) and beautiful aquarium systems. But today we’re going to talk about their pumps, starting with the StreamMax Classic 5000.

OASE movement pumps are divided in two versions, Classic and Premium, and in three different power capacities: 2,000, 4,000 and 5,000 l/h. The Classic version, which we have, differs from the others in that it has suction cups instead of magnets and runs at a fixed rate. The Premium version can be run with a controller or with an app associated with EAC Acquarium Controller.

Oase StreamMax Classic 5000 – Technical characteristics

Maximum rate 5,000 l/h
Minimum rate 3,600 l/h
Consumption 10 watt
Dimensions 120x68x78 mm
Price 55 euro ($63 US)

The pump has an adjustable mechanism on the base. The mechanism, which extends up the pump’s sides, allows the pump to turn on the pin axis.

The pump isn’t electronically adjustable, but has a blue sector on both sides of the shell which adjusts a deflector that widens the flow and decreases its power. In the pictures below you can see the position of the blue deflector in the two positions.

The flow is generated by a two-blade propeller that guarantees a very smooth flow in the water. This feature, combined with the ability to widen the flow, make these movement pumps perfect for both marine and fresh water aquariums.

Maintenance costs and flow rate per watt

It’s difficult to speak about any accessory for aquariums without considering the maintenance costs and the flow rate per watt, values that allow us to make the necessary comparisons with the other pumps on the market.

For the maintenance cost per year you consider the use of these pumps in two ways: two pumps at different speeds, alternated every 6 hours for marine aquariums, and a single, continuous use pump for fresh water aquariums. Obviously the cost is the same, except for the fact that you use two pumps instead of one in marine aquariums, as they each work half the time.

10w x 24h x 365days / 1000 * 0,22 (energy cost) = 19,3 euro/year

All in all it’s a contained cost for the movement in your aquarium, a little bit more than the price of a coffee… per month.

In order to do a comparison with other Stream pumps we figure out the flow rate per watt, a very easy calculation:

5.000 l/h / 10 watt = 500 l/h*watt

And similarly the flow rate per euro:

5.000 l/h / 55 euro = 91 l/h * euro

This pump has a contained cost, it’s adjustable in all directions, and it has the option to widen and narrow the flow. A high-quality product by OASE.

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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