RNN Episode 91 – Go Rabbit, Go Rabbit, GO..

Lab raised coral larvae, beats for the reefs and go rabbit go rabbit go. This week Jeremy has made a bit of progress in prepping the tub to move the remainder of rockover to the big tank and pulled a ton of algae. Peter is nearly ready to make some very nice and very nicely planned upgrades. All this and more on Episode 91 of the Reef News Network.


Peter– As coral reefs decline in response to climate change, research groups around the world are searching for a way to preserve them. In this video we explore one approach, which aims to replenish damaged reefs using using coral larvae bred in the lab. Listener shoutout to Rasmus Johansson

Jeremy– Young fish can be drawn to degraded coral reefs by loudspeakers playing the sounds of healthy reefs, according to new research published today in Nature Communications. This one came in from a number of listeners so here is a shout out to Reef News Wifey Laurie C, Heather Macwhinnie and Josh O Thanksy’all.

Tip of the Week Keep your hands out of the tank as much as possible. Let your tank do its thing. This will reduce the amount oils from your hands that are introduced to the tank.


New Life – 728

Main Topic: Go Rabbit, Go Rabbit, GO… Rabbitfish and Foxface are awesome options for reef tanks. They are prodigious grazers, peaceful tankmates, interesting to observe, fairly affordable and a bit outside the usual suspects for a reef tank. All of these characteristics make them ideal for the reefer looking for a unique addition to their system.

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