Monday Archives: Hunting Done Right – Employ Slithery Minions

140908135209-large-mediumUK based Cambridge University has come out with some pretty cool new research as of late, pointing at the fact that certain fishes might but forming deadly little alliances against their prey. A trout native to the Pacific and Indian oceans, a piscivorous one at that, has long been known to prowl and ambush their victims. So what happens when their dinner scampers off into the nooks and crannies of a reef? They call in the big boys – the eels. These slippery little guys enable the groupers to access prey from what would otherwise be non-penetratable territory. They apparently use “vigorous headshakes” to signal a “come hunt with me” if you will. So it looks like the eel is not merely sacrificing its catch to the intimidating trout – but in cohorts with him. Read more about this along with great info from Cambridge zoologists. The whole thing is pretty wild.

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