MACNA 2019 Coverage: best fish tanks of MACNA

Whether they are meant to showcase the latest equipment, present various aquascaping materials, display wholesalers’ aquatic animals, or exist simply for the joy of hobbyists attending MACNA, fish tanks built and arranged specifically for the show are one of its absolute highlights. Therefore and without further ado, I present you the best tanks of MACNA 2019 Orlando.

My personal favorite this year was ACI Aquaculture and the company’s SPS and LPS oriented display aquarium. Simply stunning!

A close second on my list was the Neptune Systems tank. They never disappoint with their displays, but the one sitting on MACNA Orlando show’s floor was something special.


Reefbreeders – 728

Sometimes it’s the livestock that defines the tank, not the aquascape, and here’s a worthy mention. LiveAquaria peninsula tank and its shining star resident, the Rhinopias frondosa scorpionfish.

The beautiful, filled with captive-bred fish of all colors of the rainbow, acrylic tank at Sea&Reef Aquaculture was teeming with life

Biota Aquariums had a killer display with level 10 cuteness baby Yellow Tangs

Other honorable mentions:


Cobalt Aquatics multiple tanks

Exotic Reef Imports


Ecotech Marine


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