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Platinum Reef at Interzoo 2022

Platinum Reef guys with the sales manager Ian Miller

The first day at the exhibition we had the pleasure to meet the Platinum Reef guys in pavilion 4A. In truth, they were the ones to recognize and greet us, asking for a few minutes of attention to present their activities and products.

It’s true that with our orange shirts we weren’t exactly invisible, but we have to say that being recognized by these guys gave us great pleasure, and is a sign that DaniReef is being followed abroad.

So we found some time, and in the afternoon we came back to visit their booth.

Platinum Reef’s booth at Interzoo 2022 in our video

Before you go on, here is our video where you can see the booth in action. Clicking on the link you’ll be directly sent to the part about Platinum Reef, but you can also watch the rest of it. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

Production and distribution

Platinum Reef is an English company with multiple aspects. They produce salt, supplements, balling products, feeds, and other accessories, and at the same time manages the distribution of some established brands like Cade and Dalua.

The catalog includes many interesting brands like Inkbird and Marco Rocks, now well known by the public for its line of synthetic rocks and sand for aquascaping. 

Cade aquariums

At the exhibition, we saw one of Cade’s aquariums. The model on display was a Cade S2/N 500 and really stood out at the entrance of the booth. Unfortunately it wasn’t set up, otherwise we could have fully admired its potential. We focused on the details of the tank and we appreciated the attention to particulars and its versatility.

The Cade S2/N 500 on display at Interzoo 2022, it’s the smallest in the catalog

The black aluminum cabinet with black glass doors gives a solid and well refined look.

The clean and classy style perfectly is a top quality technique, with a well done hydraulic compartment, a small but well placed sump and a wide use of shutters and pipes in rigid PVC. Two of the four sides are accessible for maintaining the sump. On the opposite side, on the right of the tank, a door leads to a dry area where there is an electrical compartment, with the sockets well ordered and singularly controlled by an ON/OFF switch.

The tank is made of glass glued together by silicone and it has Cade logo on the top edge. On the lower part, behind the black glass, is the drain and the refill compartment, with a useful slot to check the level of water inside.

Close-up of the electrical compartment, with the switches of the sockets

The lighting is two Dalua Illumagic Blaze full LED ceiling lights, with a mounting arm that allows for height adjustment. In addition, there’s a useful covering net to prevent fish from jumping out of the tank.

Pictured below are some details of this wonderful proposal.

The S2 series aquarium comes in 7 sizes, starting from 50cm, which was the one on display, up to the largest one at 210cm. They are designed and built on a peninsula, so that the tank can be seen from three sides. Naturally, this requires a rethinking of the technical parts, which have been studied in every detail, according to specific space and functional requirements.

Another tank, identified by the acronym S2/P, comes in three sizes: 120×70, 150×75 and 180×80 with the glass’s height of 60cm.

And to complete the offer there are four kinds of nets, 35cm high, that have the acronym S2/F.

The pharmaceutical grade salt

As we said, Platinum Reef is also the manufacturer of its own products. Among these, the marine salt stands out, it has high purity characteristics, and comes in two variations.

The Platinum Reef Salt is a mix of salt balanced for an SPS marine aquarium and it’s designed for those that want to keep the parameters as close as possible to nature.

The Platinum Reed Salt Plus is a product designed for intensive coral farms. It has slightly more KH, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements and it’s for more professional users that need high growth rates.

Both the products are available in packages of 5, 10 and 24Kg.

Platinum Reef salt in the two available versions

Balling products

Due to the various bans on exports, the users of calcium reactors have been finding it very difficult to provide coral sand. In this context, plus the fact that the balling method is increasingly common, even Platinum Reef has developed its balling line, called Platinum Pro Dosing.

There are three compounds to dose, and come in packages 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 10 liters. Compound A for calcium, B for alkalinity and C for magnesium and trace elements.

Pro Dosing line for the Balling method in the 2.5 liter package

Supplements, buffer and resins

The Platinum Reef offer has also a series of supplements, for example Iodine and Platinum Coral Protein, a balanced protein mixed for the purpose of helping the growth of corals and increasing the coloration. The KH Buffer, Active Carbon, Anti-phosphates resins and Kalkwasser cover all the needs of any aquarist.

Buffer, supplements, resins and active carbon by Platinum Reef

Feeds and other products

The feed line is made up of different types of flakes. There are five kinds: Marine Flakes, Artemia Flakes, Spirulina Flakes, Multi Vitamin Flakes and High Protein Flakes with Krill. The standard package is 200 grams.

Platinum Reef feeds in flakes

The shoppers and the users are always in search of a place for the frag that has detached from their colony and is hopelessly lost in the tank. Platinum Reef designed a ceramic board ready to use.

The package has 200 plugs for the 20mm version and 70 plugs for the 30mm.

Now you won’t have any excuses for not keeping your telarium tidy!

Platinum Frag Plugs in the two versions: 20 and 30mm

The skimmer

The Dalua skimmer series is based on the The Great White brand, which is little known in Europe, but has a great slice of the market in the United States. The GW skimmers come in 7 models that allows you to treat water in tanks between 740 and 3000 liters.

All the models have pumps made in Italy, the Eden. The pumps are placed in the bottom of the skimmer, with the water intake placed externally in the shell.

The outtake of the mix of air-water is decentered from the foaming cone, so that it gives a circular movement to the flux and lengthens contact time. The regulation is done through an endless screw that allows it to act with precision.

Close-up of the GW skimmer on display. The Eden pump is made in Italy and specific for skimmers

SPINTOUCH FX, the mysterious object

While we were talking with the guys of Platinum Reef, we came to know that there is something not included in the printed catalog and on the website that, unfortunately, we couldn’t see at the exhibition. We were extremely curious and we went absolutely crazy when they explained the idea.

We’re talking about Waterlink’s SPINTOUCH FX.

In this exhibition, as we said, test devices and photometers were predominant. Well… the Spintouch FX could bring these kind of devices to the next level, allowing us to do up to 8 measurements at the same time.

Yes, you read well. At the same time!

No vials to open and no reagents to insert.

In three minutes, and with one measurement only, Spintouch FX should be able to indicate the precise values of ALKALINITY, AMMONIA, PH, NITRITES, NITRATES, PHOSPHATES, CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM in the water.

On a production level we know that the reagents are placed inside small cells on a disc assembled in an aseptic environment. Then the water has to be added to analyze in the disc compartment and, once the disc is inserted in the player, it is spun at high speed. In this faze the reagents come into contact with the water and they assume the coloration read by the optical sensor. The procedure should last 3 minutes, a very short time!

Then the results will be displayed in ppm (parts per million).

If the promises are kept Waterlink’s SPINTOUCH FX will be a must have. Although the costs are pretty high and they may dissuade home users, at least in a first phase of sale, in favor of shopkeepers and professionals in the field. Naturally, we’re extremely curious to see it in action and maybe even to do a proper review! Stay tuned!


In conclusion, meet Platinum Reef was a very pleasant surprise. This company has very interesting products in its catalog and it brought some fabulous news to Interzoo 2022!

As usual, we give you the link of the official homepage of Platinum Reef. We also invite you to watch our videodocumentary about Interzoo 2022.

[translated by Agnese Poggi]

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