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Local artwork on display at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater

A special exhibit of art celebrating the natural world is now on display in the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater.  Called, “One World, One Creation. Together We Will Flourish!” this display captures the beauty of creatures overhead and underwater.

Members of the Georgia Sky Painters, a group of local artists, were inspired to create these amazing paintings after visiting the Tennessee Aquarium. Scenes of Gentoo penguins, fish, butterflies, and other colorful creatures seem to spring forth from the canvas in this gorgeous collection.

The artists are concerned about environmental issues and would like their works to inspire others to appreciate wildlife and wild places. Their goal is to use art to inspire action. With that goal in mind, many of the pieces on display at IMAX are for sale with 25% of the proceeds staying at the Aquarium to help fund freshwater research and restoration programs in the region. “We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to exhibit these works and use this opportunity to support the Aquarium’s conservation efforts,” said Linda Rugina, one of the featured artists.

painting of Caribbean Spiny Lobster

The works of Georgia Sky Painters Sandra Babb, Janice Kennedy, Carol Hobbs, Linda Rugina, and Evelyn Marie Williams are on display at IMAX.

IMAX guests will be able to view this temporary art gallery through the end of April. Anyone wishing to purchase one of the paintings may contact Linda Rugina at

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