Bali Aquarich breed Colin’s Angelfish! | Reef Builders

Bali Aquarich breed Colin’s Angelfish! | Reef Builders

The Colin’s angelfish is one of those pygmy species of Centropyge that isn’t necessarily all that rare, but it is quite poorly known outside purist Pomacanthidae circles. But in what is yet another first for Mr Su and Bali Aquarich, they are again first to cross the finish line with another exotic fish species, breeding Colin’s Angelfish, Centropyge colini for the first time.

Due to ‘El Nina’ weather condition which brought with it highly variable weather including sudden temperature changes, this spawning season was complicated for Bali Aquarich. The oscillation between the hot climate when the sun’s out, and the rapid drop of temperature when the sky became overcast caused severe complications in Bali Aquarich’s larval rearing procedure. The fish larvae are very sensitive to temperature changes, and when they develop parasitic disease following these drops, treating them becomes very difficult as they don’t support medicines too well.

These 1 inch juvenile are a perfect replica of their parents.

These hurdles and challenges didn’t stop Mr Su to complete the larval cycle of Centropyge colini a very rare and under-appreciated fish. This is a fish species that lives in deep caves and overhangs, is very difficult to catch, acclimate… It’s a very shy fish that require expert care in order to thrive in an aquarium environment.

This angelfish was first bred by Frank Baensch: //

The color development on this fish is just perfect!

Even this one inch juvenile is very sensitive compared to other angelfish juvenile. Just catching and putting it in the photo shoot tank, we thought we lost him a couple of times, floating flat at the surface, but not dead yet. This is a very good news for all of us dedicated angel fish freaks! As a captive bred Colin’s Angel, is definitely the solution, to finally be able to keep this amazing fish on the long term.

Can’t wait to get our hands on one of these!

Not many of these Colin’s angelfish have been bred, so the initial price will probably still be high, we’ll have to be patient, for a while before they meet our Fish Store exhibits. But it’s coming! Stay tuned for a full series of updates on newly captive bred fishes brought to you from Bali Aquarich.

Centropyge colini, the mysterious Colin’s angelfish

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