New Monterey Bay Aquarium Spotify Playlists Just Dropped!

Tunes for tuna. Pieces for pisces. Vibes for tides. Head into the weekend with some curated Spotify playlists picked out by Aquarium staff! Match them up to our livestreams or rock(fish) out with some music to soothe your sole: 

Krill Waves Radio

Relax, focus and flow with some ambient, mostly instrumental lofi hip hop beats from our YouTube Krill Waves Radio video series! All music © Chillhop Music 

Our Favorite Tunas


Let a little ocean into your life with these classic tunas, perfect for every sea-son.

Float On with the Drifters Team

Comb jellies. Sea nettles. Moons. These are the jams our team listens to while caring for our Jellies/Drifters Gallery!

Jelly Cam Jams

Drift away on waves of chill instrumental beats with our Jelly Cam playlist. 

Sea-lestial Sounds (Moon Jelly Cam)

Wishing on a sea star for a soundtrack to enhance your relaxocean while watching our Moon Jelly Cam? Whale sea what we can do. 

It’s a Bay-utiful Day (Bay Cam)

Wave goodbye to anxiety—this playlist of chill instrumental music is shore to relax and calm while you’re watching our Monterey Bay Cam! 

Sway This Way (KF Cam)

Swayt! Swayt! Don’t tell us—you need some sweet instrumental songs to sooth your sole. A playlist for the Kelp Forest of us, if you will. 

Chasing the Blues Away (OS Cam)

Feeling blue? Time to tuna in to our Open Sea Cam and its playlist, swimming with mellow and cinematic instrumental beats to chase those blues away. (“I’m blue da ba dee da ba di” not included) 

Birb is the Worb (Aviary Cam)

Songbirds, meet shorebirds. We’ve got a delightful and light selection of instrumental sounds perfect for pairing with our Aviary Cam! 

You Otter Listen Up (Otter Cam)

Paws what you’re doing. This happy, upbeat instrumental playlist is the pawfect accompaniment fur your sea-cret Sea Otter Cam sessions (that’s what second monitors are for anyways, right?) 

Pengwinning Tunes (Penguin Cam)

Birds of a feather listen to this collection of whimsical instrumental tunes together. And watch the Penguin Cam with it. 

Take and Elasmobreak (Shark Cam)

And fin-ally! A collection of fintastic instrumental music to dive into while watching our Shark Cam!


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