9 Recommended Tools for Fishes and Fish Tanks Care (With Pictures)

9 Recommended Tools for Fishes and Fish Tanks Care (With Pictures)

If you are into aquarium fish keeping hobby or you want to start this hobby. You should prepare these tools, and you will be thankful to them in your aquarium toolbox. For fish health care and fish tank maintenance, there are some tools that you will always need it besides you. It is like cooking in a kitchen, you need cut board, spoon, Soup ladle, wok turner and more. For home aquarium fish tank, we used to put the aquarium maintenance tools under our fish tank stand or shelf.

So here is a list of tools recommended:

So I will not go through each of it in detail since it is common sense for the first 7 tools that using for Fish Tank Maintenance. We are going to mention about why Digital Scale Measuring Spoons and Digital TDS pH and EC Meter are also chosen in this list.

Digital Scale Measuring Spoons

Sometimes when fish sick or fish tank water conditioning, we need tools for measure fish treatment dosage or any kinds of liquid that we need to apply into the fish tank. The most common case, we measure how many aquarium salts need to be added to the fish tank. Also remember, Fish medicines can cause death for fish if over dosage.

Digital TDS pH and EC Meter

aquarium maintenance tools

Water quality is very important as in aquarium fish tank. If you want you fish live healthy, we preferred stable water parameters in your fish tank. In the fish keeping hobby, the water parameters that we always need to take care of are TDS, pH, and EC. As an owner, you have to consistency check of your water parameters that are suitable range for your fishes. Some fishes may require lower pH and Zero TDS, like the wild betta. And some fishes, they required higher range in order to live healthily.

There are no One Rules Apply All in aquarium fish keeping hobby. You have to understand your fish habitat and understand how they live in nature in order to provide them a suitable environment.

Hope this help you if you want to get started to have an aquarium at home πŸ™‚

Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions about your aquarium tools preparation.

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