When Should You Add Fish Into A New Fish Aquarium

Setup a new Fish Aquarium is newly important to check the water quality before you stock fish into the new Tropical fish tank.

In cycling a new tank, it usually take around 30-40 days for a new water and filter media to be fully cycle, the system formation start during this period.

The line graph below shows how the water condition, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitate are braking down in filtration cycling system.

Nowadays, it is possible to speed up this cycling process. If you have another aquarium, you can transfer the exiting media from old aquarium to the new one. If you are total beginning of aquarium hobby, and this is your first aquarium fish tank, you can order chemicals to added into a new tank. Both method are able to build up beneficial bacteria quickly. As recommend API Quick StartAPI for your first fish tank apply into the new water.

The most important part, you should keep testing your aquarium water weekly with your new aquarium start. Keep checking the water parameters stability, you should aim for level 0 Ammonia and Nitrite, and 20 – 40 for Nitrate.
As you start to introduce fish into the aquarium, remember to keep in small quantities of fishes each time add to the Fish Aquarium. You need to monitor the levels of Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate when you introduce fish, the water parameters might be changing.

Keep in mine that aquarium fish hobby is all about patience, especially when you setup your tank in the first time.
This is the most important part of this hobby also, to improve patience. It also benefits from your work and life.

On the next guide, we will mention steps of introduce new fish into the Fish Aquarium. Yes, adding fish into an aquarium cannot be avoided and lazy. So stay tune! 🙂

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