Your tax-sea is here! 🚕

Your tax-sea is here! 🚕


It’s here—the ultimate hitchhiker’s guide to the deep sea.⁠ 📖✨

The deep sea may seem like a lonely place, but as we explore its depths, we often see animals interacting with each other. One remarkable behavior is when denizens of the deep hitch a ride on one another. 

These interactions, known as symbiosis, can be friendly and not-so-friendly. In different types of symbiosis, mutualism is when both animals benefit, while commensalism is when one benefits and the other is neither harmed nor helped. But when a parasite eats its host, it’s definitely not a harmonious alliance. 

Whether the animal is hitchhiking to move around, hiding from predators, or just finding a better home, these connections help life in the deep thrive. Just like our lives on land, connections are critical for deep-sea communities. These intrepid neighbors have dynamic relationships that make the deep sea a very interesting place!

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