Sea Otter Aquarist Jessica Wan kneels on the tan deck in the sea otter exhibit, she

What’s it like to work at the Aquarium?

Aquarist Dalton Richardson smiles and looks up at the camera above the exhibit he is cleaning
Aquarist Ellen Umeda smiles and looks at a small aquarium tank filled with nautilus eggs
Aviculturist Madeline McCuen interacts with Makana a Laysan albatross (Laysan albatrosses look like large gulls with dark eyeshadow), Madeline is standing in front of Makana with her palms up

Have you ever dreamed of teaching a sea otter? Dancing with an albatross or hand-feeding a shark? Or maybe you lose yourself in thoughts of automating life-support systems, perfecting aquatic chemistry or building a home for a jiggly jelly? For Aquarium staff, that’s probably just a Tuesday. Get to know some of the people who work at the Aquarium and learn about the journeys they took in order to get here in these profiles!

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