What To Feed Baby Ghost Shrimp?

What To Feed Baby Ghost Shrimp?

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Ghost shrimps can reach a maximum size of 2 inches. What about their children? In a communal tank, they’re hard to find. Is it possible for them to eat adult food? You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for ideas for what to feed newborn ghost shrimp. 

Glass shrimps, sometimes known as ghost shrimps, are a delicate species. Their children are even more delicate than they are. As a result, if you want to keep the baby ghost shrimps alive and grow the number of ghost shrimps in your tank, you must take special care of them.

If you don’t look after the baby ghost shrimps, they’ll die soon. The survival rate of newborn ghost shrimps might fall for various reasons.

What Do Baby Ghost Shrimp Eat?

You can feed your ghost shrimp to try the same foods you feed adults. You must, however, first break it down into smaller pieces. Algae and biofilm, as well as pellets and flakes, are all food for them. If you want to feed premade baby shrimp food, firms such as Mosura and Shirakura sell it.

If you intend to breed shrimp, or if it happens by chance, you should keep in mind that the larvae will feed differently than the adults. Because the larvae are born from eggs, they are incredibly little when they first emerge. This implies they can only eat items that are small enough to fit on their little lips.

Baby shrimps depend on algae and small plants for their food. The food we keep for the baby shrimp should be in small sizes to fit in their mouth. For example, you can crumble down large flakes of food into small fragments.

They will have difficulty with a few foods. Because live foods might escape, they are extremely problematic. These should be saved for when they’re older.

You can purchase baby shrimp food to help them grow from hatching to adulthood. They come in the form of a powder that you may add to the tank as needed.

We are listing a few food items which you can feed to the baby ghost shrimp.

How Often To Feed Baby Ghost Shrimp?

You can feed your ghost shrimp with fry liquid fry food, daphnia, newborn brine shrimp, and micro worms every two to three hours. Separate the baby ghost shrimps from the mother ghost shrimps. After a few months, the fry will molt.

How Do You Take Care Of Newborn Ghost Shrimp? 

Try to go for a tank that’s at least 5-10 gallons capacity to keep ghost shrimp fry comfortably. Make it a habit to clean the water and keep it safe for the newborn ghost shrimps. 

Ghost Shrimp

How To Increase Baby Shrimp Survival?

You can increase the baby shrimp survival rate by maintaining the following factors.

  1. Food
  2. Water Parameters
  3. Shrimp Safe filter


Normally, ghost shrimps eat algae and other types of food. However, because nutrients and vitamins are necessary for optimal growth, newborn shrimp should be fed food that contains them. My favorite shrimp food for ghost shrimp babies is Bacter AE. This is a powder that dissolves quickly in water. As a result, baby ghost shrimp may eat quickly. You can increase the survival percentage of ghost shrimp babies by using this shrimp diet.

Many foods claim to include vitamins and nutrients and provide a high growth rate for newborn shrimps. However, not all foods will give these, so you must be cautious.

Water Parameters

The ghost shrimp tank’s water should be devoid of ammonia and nitrite, with as little nitrate as feasible. The temperature should be between 73 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit for these sensitive species, and the water should have developed a substrate.

In addition, for every 10 gallons of water in the tank, you can add a teaspoon of aquarium salt. In general, limit saltiness to a bare minimum.

Shrimp Safe Filter

As previously stated, baby shrimps require crushed food. And this food is easily diluted in water, damaging the ecosystem. As a result, you’ll want to make sure you have a good filtration system to remove contaminants rapidly before contaminating the water.

A young ghost shrimp’s development is dependent on the water factors. Shrimps molt once every 1-2 weeks while they are young and absorb a lot of water to build new shells. As a result, it is your responsibility to ensure that the water parameters remain healthy.


Will Ghost Shrimp Eat Baby Shrimp?

Yes, they will eat the baby shrimps. Ghost shrimps depend on other fish and snails for their food. When the other shrimps are available in the tank, they will eat. Ghost shrimps will especially show interest in eating the softshell. 

The adults of ghost shrimps may consume the younger ones because they are scavengers. As a result, until the baby shrimps are mature enough to be transferred into a community tank, we recommend keeping them separate for at least five weeks.

Do Ghost Shrimp Babies Need Brackish Water?

Yes, the baby shrimps require salty water for their survival. This water is required, especially in the larvae stage of the baby shrimp.

Wrapping Up

The babies of ghost shrimps are significantly more fragile. As a result, if you want the young ghost shrimp to survive and grow into healthy adults, you must take careful care of them.

This article covered almost all you need to know about caring for your ghost shrimp kids. If you follow these guidelines, you may simply provide an appropriate and healthy habitat for ghost shrimp infants. If you keep everything in order, the ghost shrimp babies will be healthy adults.

This article covers how to feed baby ghost shrimps. However, these unusual shrimps may live in a community tank with the right circumstances, food, and tankmates. Simply ensure that the children are fed frequently throughout the day, at least every three to four hours.

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