A small, gray, fuzzy, newly hatched penguin chick is held gently in green-gloved, cupped hands during its first check-up with Aquarium veterinarian Dr. Mike.

Welcome to the world, little birb! 🐧🎉

We’re unbirdlievably excited to announce that we welcomed a fluffy new addition to our African penguin colony!

The chick, whose sex is still unknown, hatched on March 24 and is being cared for by parents Walvis and Boulders. At its checkup on Tuesday, they weighed in at a happy 350 grams! You can currently try to sneak a glimpse of them on exhibit in the Splash Zone gallery—look for the fuzzy gray nugget in the nestbox closest to the gate!

The chick will remain on exhibit with their parents until they become more mobile, when they’ll be moved behind the scenes for a few months to learn how to penguin and get their waterproof feathers. Stay tuned for updates as the chick grows!

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