A dark brown southern sea otter sits floating in a blue bucket full of water, facing the camera with her bottom row of white teeth showing.

Welcome to the raft, Ruby!


Ruby, a six-year-old sea otter from Aquarium of the Americas, recently joined Rosa, Kit, Ivy, and Selka as one of our resident sea otters. Stranded as a one-day-old pup back in 2015 in Big Sur, Ruby’s original home was here at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where she was raised by our surrogate otter moms behind the scenes, before eventually making her way to Aquarium of the Americas after being deemed non-releasable by US Fish & Wildlife.

Aquarium of the Americas is beginning repairs to their sea otter habitat and needed to find a home for Ruby, so our intrepid mustelid traveled across the country in June to make her way home to California. She spent some time behind the scenes acclimating to her home with us and meeting her new otter roommates before going onto exhibit today with Rosa. We expect that Ruby will be moving in and out of the exhibit area for a while as she gets used to her new home, so you may not see her all the time. 

Keen Sea Otter Cam watchers might notice a few changes to our feeding and training sessions, as we get to know Ruby and make sure she’s thriving. Here’s what Jessica Wan, senior sea otter aquarist, has to say about Ruby so far: “Ruby is a very inquisitive sea otter and extremely interactive with all the enrichment items we have been giving her. She learns quickly, is very charismatic, and we look forward to having her on exhibit with the rest of the raft.” 

As part of our ongoing Sea Otter Program, our team will also be working with Ruby to see if she could become a potential surrogate sea otter mom in the future. Stop on by or tune into the Sea Otter Cam and join us in giving Ruby a big welcome round of appaws!

📸: Audubon Nature Institute 

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