Unboxing a New Coral Shipment from Jason Fox | Reef Builders

Unboxing a New Coral Shipment from Jason Fox | Reef Builders

Jason Fox is one of the most prolific progenitors of fun and unique coral strains in the aquarium hobby and we love comparing notes with him about our observations of corals on wild reefs. While Jason might be best known for eye popping corals like the Raja Rampage Mycedium chalice and the Homewrecker Acropora tenuis, he is a repository of more nuanced oddball corals like different varieties of Leptoseris, Stylophora, Seriatopora and many more. 

We absolutely adore the various Pocilloporidae, cryptic, and more obscure corals and precisely this group of Scleractinia for which we solicited a new shipment from Mr. Fox and he did not disappoint. In our video unboxing we discover precisely what we received, filling out our collection of Seriatopora with the unique ‘Enchanted Forest’ birdnest, and added to our Stylophora with the Bug Out, Project X, and Steve Garret’s rainbow variety of Cat’s Paw. 

These were special requests but as with all of orders we make a habit of letting the coral farmer make some selections of their own as they know better what corals in their collection we’ll thoroughly enjoy growing in out reef tanks. The Snowblind Acropora is a very interesting smooth skinned Acro with surprisingly thick branches and Frankie’s Gumdrop is a super fun Australian ‘hobby frag’ that is already enjoyed by our Ozzie reefing family. 

Then as if on cue Jason also sent two very interesting varieties of uniquely colored Hydnophora horn corals just before we scored a chunk of the green tentacle Aerospace Hydno that we shared with you last week. We have more than our fair share of corals at the Reef Builders Studio but these new corals from Jason Fox are very welcome additions and we can’t wait to watch them settle in and grow out at the Studio. 

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