Two More Exciting Captive Bred Species from Bali Aquarich | Reef Builders

Two More Exciting Captive Bred Species from Bali Aquarich | Reef Builders

You heard about the recent breeding of Centropyge joculator as well as the Rock beauty (Holacanthus tricolor). But this is not the end of recent breeding announcements, as the very warm and dry weather in Bali brought us some two more surprises; each a first of its kind and both of them are Atlantic species. Because of the enormous freight cost to get these wild species to Asia, the Atlantic species make a lot of sense for Mr Su and his team, whose primary aquarium market is Asia.

Blue Angelfish, Holacanthus bermudensis:

The blue Angel fish is very similar to Passer Angelfish as juvenile, but the yellow tail is very distinctive.

Even though they are still very small at just about half inch long (1,5 cm), the first crop of captive bred blue angelfish are very active and getting a good shot of them was very challenging. The Holacanthus bermudensis are very healthy and well formed, so we have great hope that they will reach market size within a couple of months without any problem, and should be ready to ship sometime this spring.

Juveniles of the blue Angelfish are absolutely gorgeous.

The blue Angelfish is a beautiful fish but still the pale cousin of the more colorful Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris). This is a good sign that the Queen Angelfish is not far off down the line.

Cuban or Spotfin hogfish, Bodianus pulchellus:

The Spotfin hogfish is a great addition to any fish tank!

The breeding of Bodianus pulchellus, the Cuban Hogfish is also a first for this other Atlantic ocean species. These new captive bred Hogfish add another wrasse species to the recent captive bred coris wrasse announcement from Biota Hawaii. A few hundred of this new captive bred hogfish have been produced and are ready to ship so you can expect this fish to reach the shelves before the end of the month.

The Spotfin hogfish wrasse is remarkably colorful.

With the diversity of species now available from different breeding facilities around the world, today has never been a better time to start a captive bred only fish tank. It’s been another crazy year for Bali Aquarich, and we can only hope that 2020 will be another mile stone for this Indonesian company.

With the complete facelift of its facility to accommodate more and more Angelfish breeding, we can only expect Mr Su to score more Angelfish species this year and firmly  secure his placement as the best and biggest Angelfish Breeder in the world.

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