Top 5 Most Underrated (and CHEAP) SPS Corals

There are SO many SPS corals to choose from these days and many are being sold at ridiculously high prices. Sorry, but I can’t justify paying a few hundred dollars for a half inch frag. Unfortunately, many sellers lean on photoshop and marketing hype to drive up prices. But perhaps that is a topic for a future blog post 😉

There are a number of great options for budget conscious reefers when it comes to selecting SPS for a tank. With that said, here are my Top 5 Most Underrated (and CHEAP) SPS Corals.

#1 Tyree Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is a deepwater Acropora with smooth skin. The coral requires good flow and does well in the middle part of the tank under moderate lighting, although it will do fine higher up or lower down in some tanks.

This coral generated a lot of buzz and hype a number of years ago when it made its way into the trade. Why did this coral grab so much attention? Well, it is unique due to its red/fuchsia/pink color, white colored polyps and growth pattern. The coral’s uniqueness and limited availability did translate into a very high price tag back then but today it is more readily available. This stunner can be had these days for only $40!

#2 Tubbs Stellata Montipora

This monti was named after hobbyist John Susbilla (a.k.a. Tubs). The piece was first known as the Tubs Lavender and Green Montipora Stellata. For some reason an extra “b” was added to the coral’s name at some point in time. No matter which way it is spelled, it is a must have monti that is great for either beginners or experts.

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