Top 3 Products of 2021


You’ve thrown a great celebration, given lots of gifts, eaten tons of food, and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Now what?! It’s time to take that holiday bonus/gift card/spending money and buy yourself (or your favorite reefer) a new gadget for the New Year! Here is’s top three picks:

1. Mastertronic by Focustronic

This extremely high-quality water testing system is the latest addition to Focustronic’s product catalog, and it’s darn near perfect. Mastertronic (MT) will be able to communicate with the company’s other products such as Alkatronic, Dosetronic, Solartronic (patented dynamic lighting fixture), and Powertronic (smart power strip).


• Measures PO4 / NO3 / Ca / Mg / dKH* / OLI / NH3 / I / Fe / NO3 COMP
• High Precision Stepper and DC Pumps
• State of the art colorimetric photosensor
• Simple to use iOS and Android App (Wifi). Focustronic App (all in one)
• Communicate with Alkatronic/Dosetronic/Solartronic/Powertronic: local wifi via router
• Nitrate (NO3)Accuracy / Precision (+/-) : 0.5 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l
• Phosphate (PO4)Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 0.01 mg/l / 0.005 mg/l
• Magnesium (Mg) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 20 mg/l / 20 mg/l
• Calcium (Ca) Accuracy / Precision (+/-): 6 mg/l / 6 mg/l
• Alkalinity (dKH) Accuracy / Precision (+/-) 0.1 dKH / 0.05 dKH
• OLI – is our own derived parameter which measure the organic matter in water. Can indicate when users should run or replace carbon
• Ammonia (NH3) Accuracy / Precision (+/-) 0.01 mg/l / 0.01 mg/l
• Iodine (I)* Accuracy / Precision (+/-) 0.01 mg/l / 0.01 mg/l
• Iron (Fe)* Accuracy / Precision (+/-) 0.005 mg/l / 0.005 mg/l
• Nitrate Compensation*
• Dimension: 31.5 (L) x 22.5 (W) x 35.0 (H) cm


• Ability to auto adjust Ca and Mg dosing levels in Dosetronic as sometimes even balanced dosing will require adjustments. This will be done via ODA.
• MT will pass test data to Solartronic and user can select auto intensity adjustment based on either PO4 or NO3. This will be a unique feature in our product range and not available with any other lighting brands.
• When Powertronic is released, we will include features to trigger on/off or even timer for the sockets. For example, algea reactor light, currently running 12 hours. If nutrient (ie: PO4) gets too low, reduce by 10% to 11 hours).
• For ULNS, dosing PO4 and NO3 can also be regulated via Dosetronic.
• Expect new feature in Dosetronic for daily feeding and could also be adjusted based on data.
• Considering offering an autofeeder for dry fish food. Lower nutrients will auto increase feeding frequency

It retails for $1320, and can be found on the company’s website, HERE

2. Clarisea Roller 3

The ClariSea Gen 3 fleece filters are the latest generation in our market leading, patented, roll filter system. Building on extensive research and development this new version incorporates all the changes and improvements of the upgraded Gen 2.1 filter, but with an additional host of new features, including pre-built body, multi size inlet adapter and easier to load fleece.

This high efficiency water filtration system effectively removes suspended particles such as micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column. Suitable for use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding systems and propagation systems for corals.


• Recommended flow rate: 3,000 l/h (800 USG/h)
• Optimal water depth for longer fleece life: 10cm (4”)
• Minimum submerged water depth: 5cm (2”)
• Maximum submerged water depth: 20cm (8”)
• Hang-on bracket height adjustment: up to 14cm (5.5”)
• Recommended aquarium size: up to 600 litres (160 USG)
• Universal inlet connection: 32mm / 40mm / 1”
• Filter fleece: 10cm (4”) width

The ClariSea unit includes a smart controller for the automatic and manual advance of the fleece roll. This will also show visual and audable alarms if a potential error is detected during operation.

It retails for $399 and can be found on a few differnt sites, including Aquacave

3. Polyp Lab cellphone clip V2

What is a Polyp Lab Coral Lens, you ask?
Capturing nature beauty in perfect light, with the perfect angle using your smartphone or tablet have never been so easy with the new Polyplab Coral view lens.

Taking pictures of your beautiful corals often requires changing your aquarium light color spectrum or mount complex lighting setup. With the new Polyplab Coral view lens, take pictures quickly and easily for the perfect shot every time.

The Polyplab Coral view lens fits on the majority of the smartphone and tablets available on the market and all optical lens comes in his own protective casing for years of uses.

Each box contains:

1 x precisely crafted lens holder clip
1 x polyplab lens cover
1 x polyplab lens 27mm V2 lens
1 x Polyplab lens 27mm 15K lens
1 x Optical cleaning cloth

The kit retails for $34, and can be found on Polyp Lab’s website, HERE

Happy Shopping!
Is there a favorite item we left out? Let us know in the comments!

Note: At the time of publication, one or more of these items is sold out. A bummer, but also a testament to how great it is!


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