This video will Big Sur-tainly make your day. Join our...

This video will Big Sur-tainly make your day. Join our…

This video will Big Sur-tainly make your day. Join our phenomenal aquarists Alicia, MacKenzie and Tommy on an exciting adventure to the deep sea off the Big Sur coast with our colleagues at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)!

The deep sea—Earth’s largest habitat—is home to a host of unique communities and geological features. As we prepare for our latest special exhibition “Into the Deep: Exploring Our Undiscovered Ocean,” our intrepid staff are joining MBARI on deep-sea expeditions, just like this one aboard the R/V Western Flyer to Sur Ridge.  

Home to an amazing array of deep-sea animals, the underwater rocky ridge is just thirty five kilometers (about twenty two miles) off the Big Sur coast and 800 meters (2,625 feet) below the Pacific’s surface. Researchers from MBARI and NOAA’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary first discovered this rich ecosystem in 2013 and have returned multiple times in the last few years to learn more about this fascinating deep-sea environment. 

Sur Ridge features lush gardens of deep-sea corals, gorgonians and sponges and an incredible cast of critters from flapjack octopuses to barreleye fish and myriad comb jellies in the water column above. We’re excited to bring you closer to the magic of Sur Ridge in 2022!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Explores Magical Gardens Of Deep Sea Life Off The Big Sur Coast

Also, we can’t enough of Tommy at 2:33 in the video, he’s the best

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