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For those of you that follow me on YouTube,  you’re aware of my recent coral haul videos I’ve done. The idea behind these videos is to help share my expirience of buying coral online and help illustrate what to expect. Recently, I’ve have placed two orders with World Wide Corals (also known as WWC) and been very happy with the experience and I’ll will do a full review in an upcoming article.

Photo by: WWC

I spent a lot of time on the WWC’s website before making a purchase to pick out potential corals I’d like to add to my reef tank. After spending an afternoon surfing their website I eventually came across the Snowdrop Acropora. When I saw it on their website I knew I needed to have it.

The WWC Snowdrop Acropora typically grows in a plating fashion and has a vivid red/pink base to white tip and long polyps. New growth often shows itself white in color then starts to show pink then turns into a deep red color.

Not long after I saw video on Youtube from Mr. SaltwaterTank titled “Eight Great Beginner SPS Corals” which featured World Wide Corals and the WWC Snowdrop Acropora. During the video they talked about the Snowdrop being a good SPS coral for beginners.

After that video I knew I needed to get the snowdrop for my reef. The only thing is that this coral can retail for upwards of $109 per frag. That may seem like a lot but that’s around typical asking price for a tabling acropora. Which is nothing compared to the Jason Fox Homewrecker acropora.

I picked my Snowdrop acro up on sale for about half the cost so it’s a good idea to follow WWC on all the social networks to find out about up coming sales.

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Video Featuring the Snowdrop Acropora

This video doesn’t only feature the Snowdrop Acropora but seven other great SPS corals for beginners available at World Wide Corals. If you’re interested in leaning more about Mr. Saltwater Tank you can do so Here.

WWC Snowdrop Acropora Care

Like most Acroporas, the Snowdrop Acropora needs mid to high light and mid to high flow. When I first got my snowdrop acro, I had it under blackbox LED’s and eventually made the switch to a Hybrid T5/LED mix. Within a month I noticed the size of the frag double and started to encrusted on the rock work.

Snowdrop Acropora
Photo by: WWC

The picture above is a grown out colony of the snowdrop acro which I hope that my frag gets to this point in time. It’s a beautiful coral that can be the center piece in any reef tank.

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