The Tomato Clownfish – Mad Hatter’s Reef

The Tomato Clownfish is a pretty reddish orange colored fish with white circles on its head. It is usually found in warm sea waters of Pacific and Indian ocean. It is a readily available species which does not need special care in aquarium environment and is a good choice for beginners.

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All clownfish are all born male. The fish larger in size becomes the female and the next smaller sized fish becomes male. Females dominate the group. This behavior makes them ideal candidates for being tank raised fish.

It creates a symbiotic relation with sea anemones like the bubble tip anemone or sebae anemone and corals. If kept in an aquarium with a sea anemone, it is likely to indulge in fierce competition with other species.

Tomato Clownfish Care

Aquarium Care level  Beginner
General size in Aquarium  2 to 3.5 inches, however may be 1.5 inches larger in wild.
General Life span  5 to 8 years
Water Temperature  22 to 27 ° C
PH levels  8.1 to 8.3
 Specific Gravity  1.020 to 1.024
Aquarium Size  30 Gallons per specimen, 10 gallons per additional specimen
Diet  Omnivorous, eats dried algae, mysis shrimp or pellet food
Disease Resistant Very Healthy, Prone to general saltwater diseases like marine ich or marine velvet.

Genral Information on Tomato Clownfish

Tomato clownfish is a good choice for new hobbyist as it goes quite well in captive environment and can withstand sub optimal water conditions once in a while. It is advised to keep the fish in a quarantine tank to ensure they are free from any diseases.

When introducing more than one specimen, ensure to introduce them all at the same time to avoid territorial aggression. If kept in larger aquariums, avoid keeping them with similar or smaller size fish. A mated pair is okay to keep. Tank mates can include larger species with different body shape, size and color.

Just follow saltwater aquarium basics and Tomato Clownfish should be just fine and shall decorate your aquarium for years. Change water every alternate month. Introduce live rock to make the fish feel at home. Introduce air stones and filters to rotate water. Ensure decent lighting and aquatic plants to keep ammonia levels in control. However, once in a while, they can survive subpar conditions but optimal good aquarium husbandry is preferred.

Feed those frozen shrimp, algae and pellet food three to four times a day. Tomato clownfish should only be feed what they can consume within a three minutes period then neat food should be removed from the aquarium.

Clownfish are know to create a symbiotic relation with sea anemones like the bubble tip anemone or sebae anemone. However, it can be kept in aquarium without anemones also. If introducing an anemone, watch out for competition among more than one specimen.

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