The Peppermint Angelfish at LiveAquaria | Reef Builders

The Peppermint Angelfish at LiveAquaria | Reef Builders

What can we say about the peppermint angelfish today, that we haven’t covered in extensive and repeated articles about this illustrious species? Since 2006 we’ve taken every opportunity to bring you stories on our all-time favorite group of reef dwellers, the marine angelfish, with the demi-god Paracentropyge boylei at the summit of this decade long journey to understand and appreciate Pomacanthidae. 

While we did get our first live look at a tiny peppermint at the busy exposition booth of De Jong Marinelife nearly five years ago, it wasn’t until earlier this year that we really clocked in some quality time with this species. Thanks to and the hospitality of Kevin Kohen, we were fortunate enough to spend an extended amount of time observing, photographing and filming the one and only, in an experience that borders on religious for a lifelong reef builder. 

The impact of seeing a real, live peppermint angelfish is partly due to the mystery of this species and the countless articles, books and stories about the peppermint angelfish with nary a specimen for anyone to even look at. But even in the absence of this shroud of mythos and mystery, there is something about Paracentropyge boylei which captures your attention, and holds it with bright colors, bold pattern, and a suite of subtle features to really cement this fish at the top of our collective psyche. 

This is not the first peppermint angelfish to make its way to the US, nor will it be the last, but it might turn out to be one of the most well documented. Starting in the Cook Islands this fish was collected by a diver that shares its name, it was imported and introduced by Quality Marine, received and conditioned by LiveAquaria, and we’ve certainly done everything we can to share this stunning example with our global marine aquarium audience. 

If you want to learn more about the ‘aquarium experience’ of their peppermint angelfish, LiveAquaria has done a terrific job of thoroughly describing their handling of the peppermint angelfish with exquisite details of its captive care, and conditioning in a purpose-built biotopic aquarium. Very soon the small peppermint will reach the culmination of its public journey when it is listed for sale on LiveAquaria’s Diver’s Den where someone will see the value of owning and taking care of such a prized and beautiful fish.

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