The Jason Fox Homewrecker Acropora

What’s going on SaltNation? My taste in corals has changed over the years and it can often change with the season. I’ve been busy stocking my 260 gallon system and as of late my interest has been with Acroporas. Recently, I was on Reef 2 Reef where World Wide Corals (WWC) has having a huge Live Sale. I believe the sale featured a total of 1600 frags of some of the best corals.

The Live Sale was a neat way to do a sale, every few minutes WWC would drop in 5 to 6 corals with links that brought you to their website where you could pick up that specific coral (WYSWYG) for a huge price reduction.

I was glued to my computer for more time than I care to share waiting for a specific acropora that I have wanted for a while. Then out of no where they dropped the mother of all Acroporas… The Jason Fox Homewrecker Acropora. This coral is probably one of the most beautiful corals available in the hobby today.

Home wrecker Acro
Photo Credit: WWC

Why is it named the Jason Fox Homewrecker Acropora

The reason this coral is named the Homewrecker is due to the cost of the coral. The picture featured above is a frag which was “on sale” with a price tag of $699.00. The full retail price of this coral is $999.99. So if your wife or significant other were to find out, how much you paid for this coral… well, I’m pretty sure you can figure out the rest.

Jason Fox is known for selling incredibly beautiful and rare corals. He started collecting corals in the early 2000’s and is well known in the hobby for being new corals to the hobby. Jason has many contacts with collectors and exporters that know his love for collecting corals to grow in his 2500 gallon aquaculture systems. Jason also has a website where he sales his corals to the public.

Is the Jason Fox Homewrecker Acropora worth it

Home wrecker Acroproa
Photo Credit: WWC

When it comes to justifying the cost of a coral it really comes down to how much you can afford and how much you’re willing to spend. For myself I will not be adding a Jason Fox Homewrecker Acropora to my 260 gallon saltwater aquarium anytime soon. I’ll wait a year or two and see if the price comes down. The price doesn’t take away for the beauty of this magnificent coral.

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