Takaki’s Japanese ‘Nature Aquarium’ Style Reef Tank | Reef Builders

Takaki’s Japanese ‘Nature Aquarium’ Style Reef Tank | Reef Builders

Calling all freshwater planted tank aquarists, we need more of you in the saltwater hobby!! If this beautiful split tank design is any indication of how the mind of planted hobbyist translates to the saltwater world… Join us!!

Takaki Yagisawa is a freshwater aquarist with fifteen years of experience keeping Japanese style nature aquariums who recently made the leap in saltwater with this beautiful split tank aquascape design. We came across this aquarium on Takaki’s Instagram account Takaki1980, and have to say we’re super excited to see more and more Amano Nature Aquarium style tanks showing up on our radar.

Takaki’s tank is relatively new, he started researching saltwater aquariums in the summer of 2019 and set up this tank (his first saltwater tank) in January 2020. Before starting he researched various reef nutrition and dosing methods before settling on the Red Sea Reef Care Program and then moving forward with this design.

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