Sorry not sorry Blathers! Round two of Animal Crossing with...

Sorry not sorry Blathers! Round two of Animal Crossing with…

Sorry not sorry Blathers! 

Round two of Animal Crossing with Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop and The Field Museum was all about the glorious, wondrous, superlative world of BUGS thanks to entomologist and critter connoisseur Dr. Ryan Gott!

We started out with Aquarium Emily’s effusive praise of Mendelian genetics and its inclusion in the game, followed by a tour of Emily Graslie’s exquisite Kittyvile Island singing the praises of plant biodiversity and the joys of pollinators! 

Then, Ryan takes us on a deep dive into the world of bugs, explaining the differences between moths and butterflies, introducing the world to pollinating molluscs and bee baskets! Finally, Aquarium Patrick shares some horrifying parasite stories on the Bench Of Cursed Knowledge. 

It was a whole lot of fun, BEE prepared for a wild ride!

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