SHOCKING! ‘Epic’ Monterey Bay Aquarium April Fools Joke STOLEN By Prankster Octopus

Monterey, CA — Innocent invertebrate or cunning cutethulhu? In a surprising turn of events, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s scheduled April Fools joke was stolen early Thursday morning by a resident octopus, apparently acting out its own ceph-centered prank.

“Definitely a bummer, we had a great one this year too” said Kraken Peterson on the Aquarium’s PR team, “But oh well, what are we to do, we tried, better luck next year, c’est la vie…”

“Mwahaha, what a buncha suckers!” stated the trickster cephalopod.

When pressed about being a shoddy premise, clearly thrown together last-minute because the Aquarium ran out of time for a more elaborate April Fool’s joke (due to its imminent reopening after more than a year of closure), the glorified clam had only this to say: “Wait, what did you just call me?!”

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