Shark Week Shark Cam!On this, another day of our yearly Shark...

Shark Week Shark Cam!On this, another day of our yearly Shark…

Shark Week Shark Cam!

On this, another day of our yearly Shark Week, we just wanted to say: We love sharks. We hope you do too, because the ocean certainly does! Every healthy ecosystem in the ocean is teeming with sharks—though maybe not the ones you’re used to seeing on TV. The vast majority of the 400+ species of shark are less than five feet long, and their diets range from microscopic plankton to worms and squid, dead animals, fishes and marine mammals. 

Sharks have been an integral part of the oceanic community since before trees were a thing, and are necessary to the continued health of the ocean, the heart of our planet’s life support system. We’re hard at work studying sharks here and abroad, and we’ll be sharing some of the cool stuff we’ve found out recently more this week. 

But most of all, we wanted to share how much we love sharks. May these jawesome animals be around to inspire countless generations to come. Thanks for reading, thanks for being on Team Ocean. Yeah SHARKS!

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