Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch:

We know—an aquarium supporting seafood?! What gives? Well, one of the places you’re likely to see a fish outside a visit to an aquarium is on a menu. That’s why 20 years ago we started the Seafood Watch program to help shift global fisheries and aquaculture toward more sustainable practices. In that time, thanks to your consumer choices, sustainable seafood is becoming the industry standard. This summer we have a Seafood Watch food truck touring events in the San Francisco Bay Area so you can come see what sustainable seafood is all about. We hope to sea you there!

And yes, going vegan or vegetarian is a fantastic way to help our ocean too. For those who do choose to eat seafood, our Seafood Watch team is made up of multiple scientists that have done the research on which seafood options are sustainable and which should be avoided. All of their reports are science-based, peer-reviewed and publicly available on the free Seafood Watch app or  

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