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Hey Reefers! Today, I wanted to talk about The ADE Project and the short film Saving Coral. When I was at MACNA this year I made sure to sit in on Walt Smith’s talk. During his talk Walt shared a short film titled Saving Coral which was directed and produced by Justin Miedwig. It was a look into the coral farming efforts that take place in Fiji by Walt Smith international and other groups.

The film was very inspiring and had a more positive tone than Netflix’s Chasing Coral. What I liked most about saving coral is that it  didn’t just talk about the problem but offered a solution, that works!

When I got back from New Orleans and had put together a few podcast about the talks at MACNA and I touched on Justin’s Film. A day or two after I talked about Saving Coral Justin contacted me on Facebook. He had found my podcast and as soon as the film was available he was going to send me a link so I could share it with others.

Saving Coral | The ADE Project Video

All of the revenue generated from the ads on this video will go to the ADE Project. If you would like to make an additional contribution to the ADE Project follow the link. You can support their cause with as little as a one time donation of $25. For every $25 donated, ADE will be able to replant five reef-building stony corals back onto damaged reefs.

I want to thank Justin for allowing me to share such a beautiful film on my YouTube Channel to promote the ADE Project. It has truly been a honor and I hope that I can make a difference in supporting coral restoration of the wild reefs in Fiji.

Saving Coral | The ADE Project Final Thoughts

As a reef keeper it is important to not only be a responsible hobbyist but also a conservationist. How often when people visit your house do they spend the first 20 minutes, staring into your aquarium? We have an opportunity to share a window into an entire eco-system that could potential he be lost in our lifetime. Share and educate.

It’s important as a hobbyist to support efforts such as The ADE Project. Without people like them the wild reefs will be lost.

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