Safe Fishing Practices: Reducing Sea Turtle Hooks

Safe Fishing Practices: Reducing Sea Turtle Hooks

Tourism is a vital part of South Carolina’s economy. With a coastline rich with fresh seafood, beautiful beaches and fishing opportunities, tourists come to enjoy the beauty and bounty of our shores.

One of the favored past-times of South Carolina’s visitors is casting a baited hook into the surf. Whether from a public pier or surf casting, tourists can try their hand at reeling in a ‘good catch’ from many South Carolina piers or beaches. Unfortunately, this summer, as visitors flock to the coast for a much-desired change of scenery and fresh air, we are receiving a higher number of sea turtles caught or stranded with hook and line injuries. Because of this we wanted to share some helpful tips for sustainably and responsibly fishing from shore:

Nearly all sea turtle species are classified as either threatened or endangered. Every injured sea turtle is a threat to the survival of their species. By taking these simple steps, you can enjoy South Carolina’s coast while also helping these amazing creatures stay safe and healthy.

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