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RNN Episode102 – The Mechanical Miracle

A new marine sanctuary, ReefBot Pro and The Mechanical Miracle. This week Jeremy is working on setting up the frag tank and enjoying his newest fish additions to the big tank. Peter has started work on the AWC system and the sump move. All this and more on Episode 102 of the Reef News Network.

reefbot pro


Jeremy- A huge protected marine area surrounding much of the Pacific Island nation of Palau went into effect Jan. 1, 2020, after years of planning by local officials and advocates. Within the sanctuary, which covers 80 percent of Palau’s national waters, all extractive activities such as fishing and mining are now prohibited.

Peter- The ReefBot Pro is here!!!

Main Topic: The Mechanical Miracle Mechanical filtration is one of three different types of filters that can be used in your aquarium. The other two are biological and chemical filtration. Mechanical filtration is an essential component of a saltwater aquarium. Whether it is a filter sock, filter pad, or filter block, is up to you; but they all physically remove debris from your tank water. The mechanical filter media sits inside your filter unit and physically traps and strains any solid waste that passes through your filter system. With the waste removed, clean water flows back to your aquarium.

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