RNN Episode 90 – ORA, ORA, ORA

Turbo charged coral larva, bacterium delirium & ORA, ORA, ORA. Jeremy and Peter went solar. Jeremy is working on balancing out his big display tanks alkalinity. Peter is enjoying his new fish and see ing a hair algae free system along with some major plans for automation down the road. All this and more on Episode 90 of the Reef News Network!


Jeremy– Recent severe bleaching events in the Great Barrier Reef have led to widespread death of the corals making up world’s largest living structure, but scientists are coming up with some inventive ways to help repair the damage. Researchers at Australia’s Southern Cross University are now preparing to put the latest into action, with millions of turbo-charged coral babies being readied to take root in the reef’s most degraded areas.

Peter– The relationship between bacteria and Corals has recently become a hot topic on Reef2Reef as a result of a research paper recently published in the Nature journal. The study estimates that about 1/3 of all corals worldwide are infected with this newly discovered bacterium which researchers named, Candidatus Aquarickettsia rohweri. The bacterium can be found in a number of corals that we commonly keep in our aquariums including, Acropora, Goniopora, Montipora, Seriatopora and Stylophora species. Additionally, it can also be found in anemones. Researches also discovered the bacterium can be transmitted through coral eating parasitic snails and transported through seawater whereby it can potentially infect corals when tissue damage is present.



Main Topic: ORA, ORA, ORA…. Ocean, Reefs and Aquariums Interview.

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