RNN Episode 87 – Let’s Talk About Tests Baby, Let’s Talk About ICP!

Ocean cleanup project update, some new tank goodness coming to market and Let’s talk about ICP, let’s talk about Tests bab-y. This week we catch up on a few details of Peter’s awesome travel weekend and more coral is coming. Jeremy is just about ready to aquascape and has a vision for what he is going to do. All this and more on Episode 87 of the Reef News Network!

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Jeremy– New tank options are out there, get ready! Fiji Cube Aquariums offers the best features on the market. Our aquariums are made of ultra-clear, low-iron glass, and we have stepped it up with next-level glass thickness. Our complete series comes with a solid and high-quality cabinet and our very own Fiji Cube advanced acrylic sump. Red Sea has expanded their range of premium reef-ready aquarium systems with four new models: XL 200, XL 300, XXL 750 V3, and our top-of-the-line 3XL 900. All of the new models will be available at the beginning of 2020.

Peter– The Ocean Cleanup Project update.



Tip of the Week: Always be learning! Take a look at how others do things that work for them. There is a ton of content available, check things out and see what is working for others, you may find a small or even a large tweak to your own methods that could be helpful. Last week, I saw a YouTube video on attaching SPS frags from Chaos Aquaculture (I will put a link in the show notes) and it was excellent and I am going to give it a shot next time I frag.

Main Topic: Deep dive into ICP testing with Sarah from Fritz Aquatics.

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