RNN Episode 80 – The Fragger’s Guide to the Galaxy Pt. 1

Coastal geographyNot your mother’s lemonfish, the mysterious deep sea, and Fragger’s Guide to the Galaxy, ANYWHERE you go this is how you show. Jeremy is working out the final details on his built rockwork structure that will be a Zoa garden and have some cool dimension, and ordered some goodies. Peter is making progress with his system and has the ReefBot setup in a new spot, Reef Octopus light reactor all set and is already seeing results. All this and more on Episode 80 of the Reef News Network. 


Jeremy– Really interesting video from Kurzgesagt. What’s hiding at the most solitary place on earth? The Deep Sea. Shout out to my buddy Matt Joseph for putting me onto this video! Peter– Back at it AGAIN, Sea & Reef Aquaculture releases another aquacultured fish for the hobby to enjoy. Welcome the Lemon Damsel to your Reef! Main Topic: By popular demand, we bring you The Fragger’s Guide to the Galaxy. Wherever you go, this is how you Show Pt.1 Our guide to setting yourself up for a successful hobbyist vendor experience. Reef News Network: www.reefnewsnetwork.com

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