RNN Episode 77 – What to Maintain When You are Maintaining

Plastic eating bacteria, floating pumice and What to Maintain when You are maintaining. Jeremy’s tank is starting the uglies and Peter got the very interesting results from his ICP test results. All this and more on Episode 77 of the Reef News Network.


Jeremy: A gigantic floating raft of volcanic rock that emerged from an underwater volcano eruption in the Pacific Ocean is slowly drifting towards the Australian coast, heartening hopes it could benefit the imperilled Great Barrier Reef. Peter: Students Invent Bacteria that turns plastic into water. The development of this technology is divided into two parts: First, the plastic is dissolved and the enzymes catalyze, whereby the plastic becomes highly malleable fractions. These components are placed in a biodigester station, where they behave as if they were leftovers of food. The project runs in just 24 hours, to move from plastic to water, really promising. Tip of the Week: Complete any warranties that your equipment comes with, print a copy of the receipt and keep it in the box for each piece of equipment. If a problem arises, this will take away some of the stress in a tough situation. Main Topic: Maintaining your equipment is one rung in the ladder to a successful long-term reef system that is often stepped right over or only touched on at a cursory level. We’ve learned that, with recent vacations and more trips / commitments on the horizon, taking a few minutes to ensure all your equipment and system plans are in tip top shape can make all the difference. Simple maintenance is not just about keeping things neat and tidy but also ensuring the efficacy and lifespan of your equipment. Reef News Network:www.reefnewsnetwork.com

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