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New aquarium opening and Staghorn coral research. Tips about Magnetic cleaners and Fish that are jerks! Plus an unexpected update on Inky the Octopus. All that and more on episode #147 of The Reef News Network!


Hilary: New aquarium that opened during pandemic. Wooza! Branson Aquarium at the Boardwalk. And thanks to funding from National Science Foundation and the EPA, Scientists at UCF have been able to study the strength of Staghorn coral. Did you know they found that because of its porous structure it is able to withstand a lot more than they initially expected? //www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-01/uocf-uea010821.php With this knowledge they can assist agencies who are planting coral gardens, and help them to place the corals in areas with the highest chances of success.

Kat: Not really news but check our Oceanhero.com It is a search engine that does a lot of good. For every 5 searches you do, they are able to pay one person to remove the equivalent of one plastic bottle of plastic waste from the ocean! I have managed to help recover the equivalent of 596 plastic bottles. Read more here //blog.marinedepot.com/2020/09/join-marine-depot-in-recovering-plastic-from-the- ocean.html

Main Topic: Fish that are jerks!! They bite, they destroy corals, they slap you around. Pretty sure everybody has some experience with a nasty fish. Kat and Hilary discuss the fish they have known and read some responses from others too.

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