Coverage of Global Pet Expo 2022

For this video, we went to Orlando to attend Global Pet Expo 2022. This show is an industry professional only show that showcases all the new innovations not only for fish but ALL of the pet trade, and we wanted to go and see what to expect from this year and to talk to other professionals to see what is in the pipeline.

To be honest, I was little disappointed with this year’s turnout.

I think it’s because my expectations were set too high from the previous years. I felt that the aquarium side shrank considerably but considering all the quarantine procedures that were placed by different governments/countries upon business’ return from the out of country trips, I understand why many overseas folks were not able to make to this show. Interzoo, one of the world’s largest pet expos, is experiencing similar problems right now from what I hear from my friends across the pond.

I hope that this will be the last year and that we get over this and go back to how things were so we can enjoy the quality of life that we once took for granted.

Without further ado, here is the coverage of Global Pet Expo 2022 and we look forward to Global Pet Expo 2023!

Check it out.

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