Coverage of Global Pet Expo 2020

Located in Orlando, Florida, the yearly Global Pet Expo is one of the country’s largest Pet conventions.

What is interesting about this convention is that it isn’t for the hobbyists, but for distributors. What that means is that all of the exhibitors and attendees who come to this show from all over the world are manufacturers that are looking for distributors, LFS owners, and industry professionals to network and to link up with. The retailers come to these shows to find the latest and the greatest innovations in the hope that they can pick them up for their respective businesses. You often see products here before they hit the market.

For example, I first saw the popular Kamoer pumps at this show a couple of years ago.

This year, there were many things to look forward to. Cobalt, JBJ, Seachem, and Jellyfish Art booths all introduced something new and were spectacular in their own way but in my personal opinion, Eshopps easily took the win on the aquarium side with a variety of new products from their new color line up as well as their visually stunning displays. That floating aquascape caught many people’s attention.

Aquarium lounge was amazing as always. ORA, Segrest Farm, and Dynasty Marine did an amazing job filling their spaces up with beautiful animals and a newcomer, Biota Aquariums, did not dissapoint with their captive-bred and aquacultured fish, clams, and corals.

Special mention: I know that GlowFish isn’t technically a saltwater company but their booth containing VR machines was definitely amazing. Check out the best of the aquatic side of Global Pet Expo 2020 here: Coverage of Global Pet Expo 2020.

Located in Orlando, Florida, yearly occurring Global Pet Expo is one of the country’s largest Pet convention. What is interesting about this convention is th…

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If you were looking for an interview-style video, I did a collaboration video with the World Wide Corals Crew. Check this video out as well!

The Global Pet Expo Experience – World Wide Corals

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