Reef Kids: Ocean Curriculum


Great for schoolers and homeschoolers alike, the Explorer Series packages are a multidisciplinary, developmentally appropriate, and student-centered way for your young ocean enthusiast to dive deep into their interests. The majority of “courses” are for K-5, but there are a number of really interesting subjects for the 6-12 set. And, as one would hope and expect, there is a large array of subjects, ranging from “Reef Sharks” to the “Natural History of Caribbean Corals”, and the prices really reasonable!

Features of “Reef Sharks” for K-5:

High-definition, narrated video and supporting images grab student attention, while the “Five Facts” and “Dig Deeper” components help students to develop their understanding.

  • Compelling facts
  • Discussion questions
  • K-2 and 3-5 lesson plans

Features of “Natural History of Caribbean Corals” for 6-12:

Fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, Ocean First Education courses convey the interconnected nature of science as it is practiced and experienced in the real world. Courses contain rich content, student guides, assessments, interactives, narrated videos, and engaging photographs.

Find out what coral really is by exploring its structure, how it functions, and the many species that help make our oceans beautiful.

  • Online, self-directed learning
  • Colorful and fun coursework
  • High-definition images and videos
  • Interactive game-like opportunities

There are 38 courses available! To see them all and explore ever further, visit their website HERE

Note: the website is Christian-leaning (as are many, many homeschool sites), but the series itself is secular.


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