Raising Right Whales is RIsky

Raising Right Whales is RIsky

Coming to Term(s)

Approximately 340 individuals remain in the North Atlantic right whale population, but the number of reproductive females is far less. It’s estimated only about 70 of these individuals have the capacity to carry the next generation, if their body condition is even strong enough to sustain a pregnancy and carry to term.

As humans, we prep our bodies to carry a child and take precautions during pregnancy to remain healthy. However, many right whales start their motherhood journey with sustained trauma and injury from human-induced threats, like vessel collisions and fishing gear entanglement. Studies show these life-altering situations cause heightened levels of stress, lasting injuries and stunted growth for themselves as well as their future young.

In this critical gestation period where expectant mothers aim to nourish their body to benefit their unborn offspring, these whales already have the odds stacked against them.

Delivering Into Uncertainty

While we contemplate our many desires for labor and delivery in the months leading up to it, our whale counterparts have one main directive in mind: Make it to the calving grounds in time.


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