Rainbow - South Carolina Aquarium

Rainbow – South Carolina Aquarium

Kemp’s Ridley (Lepidochelys kempii)

Stranding Location: Cherry Grove Pier, Myrtle Beach, SC
Arrival Date: 6/2/2020
Age: Juvenile
Weight: 4.0 kg (9lb)

Case History

Rainbow was caught on hook and line at Cherry Grove Pier in Myrtle Beach. The hook appeared to be deep into the jaw, so South Carolina Department of Natural Resouces (SCDNR) was contacted. SCDNR permit holder, Linda Mataya, responded to the call and transported another little kemp’s to the South Carolina Aquarium for hook removal.


Rainbow was very active and feisty at admit! Rainbow’s weight was taken, followed by a quick x-ray to determine the location of the hook. Luckily, Rainbow’s J hook was not too deep into his esophagus and our vet staff was optimistic it could be removed without surgery. After blood was taken and the results were evaluated, Rainbow received a light sedation to help make the hook removal more comfortable for him. Dr. Shane was able to access the hook and get it free which fortunately,  caused minimal damage to the throat. Fluids with vitamins were administered and Rainbow was started on antibiotics. Once the sedation reversal kicked in, Rainbow was very active and we were able to put him in a shallow water tank later in the afternoon.


June 15, 2020: Rainbow’s water level was slowly increased over the last two weeks and he is now in a full tank! We are still giving him antibiotic injections twice a week and slowly increasing his diet. We are hoping that Rainbow will have a quick stay in rehabilitation!

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