Purple X Yellow Tang Hybrid is a Crowning Achievement for Bali Aquarich | Reef Builders

Purple X Yellow Tang Hybrid is a Crowning Achievement for Bali Aquarich | Reef Builders


We recently paid a long overdue visit to Mr Su who’s Bali Aquarich is a Marine fish Photography heaven. We always get to take pictures of the craziest fish possible whenever we go there, and this time was no exception. We had the chance to check few of Mr Su most recent production.

If last year was kind of crazy in terms of captive breeding achievement, unfortunately this year the crazy hot and humid weather due to la Nina, complicated a bit Mr Su’s production plan. Nevertheless, he was holding quite a few surprises up his sleeve. 

Yellow/Purple Tang Hybrid

1,5 inch (5 cm) long Yellow-Purple Tang Hybrid

Recently Bali aquarich produced yet another batch of a very unique fish, the yellow/purple tang hybrid. About a dozen of these fishes were recently produced. Some of them already found their way to some specialized shops around the world.

The coloration of this fish is very unique even if deep inside we were hoping for a yellow/purple ‘koi’ type of coloration, which would have been insane. Instead the body coloration is scribbled of light yellow and light purple, that gives the fish a very distinctive appearance. All the fins are yellow, with a bright blue edge. The snout, the rostrum and the pectoral fin base are also bright yellow.

1 inch long (3,5 cm) just settled hybrid yellow and purple tang

This unlikely fish, with parents that have zero chance of meeting in the wild, as 10000 km separates the Red sea from Hawaii, makes it the rarest of all tangs. And every tang collector in the world are already lining up to get theirs. Unfortunately, only a dozen of them are available, and Mr Zu already separated the broodstock parents, so he won’t be producing any other for a while.

Crazy Looking Regals

Another batch of fish caught our eye, it’s the regal angels. Seeing hundreds juveniles swimming together is quite a sight. And having thousands captive bred ones of this otherwise difficult to keep fish is quite a good news for marine fish enthusiasts all around the world.

The 1 inch (3,5 cm) fish are just the cutest fish ever! This is an example of Grade A fish.

The fascinating thing about these fish, is that all of them are different. Some are more yellow, almost like albinos, some don’t have the eyespot, and the lines are always different.

Both sides of this fish are different. Note the crazy looking head blue marckings

This medium sized angelfish, is a perfect aquarium fish, colorful, easy to feed, strong, and doesn’t grow to big. If it wasn’t for their uncontrollable appetite for LPS, these would be Number 1 marine fish sales. Hopefully, having never seen a coral from their entire life, and only had a taste for pellets, will do the trick.

Some of these yellow belly regal angel don’t have a eyespot.


Finally, another angelfish holy grail is currently produced by Mr Su. The highly sought after tigerpyge, an hybrid of Black Tail and Yellow Angelfish, Centropyge eibli and C. flavissimus.

This fish is a real beauty

Mr Su, has been working on this fish for a long time. He claims, getting the proper orange bars is the challenge. They are not appearing on many fish, and only a handful of them bare them.

The Tigerpyge is the one of the most beautiful marine fish available.

But the one that are barred are really good looking. Here again, not many of these are available. Mr Su is working of tuning the selection in order to produce more, but until now, only a handful of people will have the great pleasure of enjoying this perfect aquatic pet.


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