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PTC heaters in titanium and many other things by Schego at Interzoo 2022


Schego’s booth at Interzoo 2022

Schego‘s booth at Interzoo 2022 was very essential, but at the same time very elegant. The main products of the German company were present, and we were able to catch a glimpse of some interesting news.

An iconic brand

Schego is a German company whose name is made up of the last names of the founders, Fritz Schemel and Kurt Goetz, who created the company in 1949.

Schego first specialized in electrical products for domestic aquariums, but, in time, it focused its core business around two main fields: temperature control and ventilation. In more than 65 years of activity Schego‘s products have entered the homes of many aquarists. Simple products, but efficient and substantial. Their reliability made them well known in many other contexts, and they have also entered the field of bio-medicine and the hospital sector. Recently, the company extended its attention to ponds and small lakes, entering the market with great aeration pumps.

The titanium heaters

When we visited the booth we had the chance to see many products already in the catalog, like the titanium heaters that we tested thoroughly some time ago (here’s the link of the Italian review).

Schego heaters

The complete line of internal resistance heaters with titanium chassis includes 7 models. The smallest one has 50W of power, then you increase model by model, with 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 until the most powerful, 600W.

Schego models don’t come with the temperature controller which has to be purchased separately. Anyway, this “problem” is easily solvable, especially for those who use an automation system in aquarium.

The new Slimline series with PTC technology

The real news of this Interzoo is the new heater series: SLIMLINE with PTC technology.

Like previous models, the exterior is elegant and high-performing titanium, but they differ from the old models by the heating material inside. The earlier heaters have the usual internal coil that heats up when the current passes through and then spreads heat through the titanium cover.

In this new type of heater the coil has been replaced by a positive temperature coefficient element, which is a special element which increases its own coefficient of resistance when the temperature increases.

This allows a sort of auto adjustment of the electricity which leads to a greater efficiency. So, with the same power, these heaters should have a much greater thermal output than the old models.

The heater series Schego Slimline uses the PTC element, which is a positive temperature coefficient

They were presented for the first time, with a lineup of 4 models! They have a narrower and more elongated shape: in fact, the overall size has been modified in order to obtain better results from this new technology, by increasing the radiant surface and improving dissipation.

You have to consider that this particular shape would impact the use of certain sumps, especially the smallest ones.

For example, the 600W model, compared to the 600W of the classic series, is more than twice as long, and it may cause some problems with placement.

The available powers are 100W, 200W, 300W and 600W for the longer model.

The TR2 thermostat

Schego also showcased its own thermostat for temperature control and regulation, which perfectly integrates with its heaters. The thermostat has a submersible temperature probe that has to be connected via plug to the body of the instrument. There is a LCD display, adjustable 180° with the specific buttons, through which visualize the temperature detected by the probe and control the heater within certain parameters.

The TR2 thermostat can control all Schego heaters, even the new Slimline with their peculiar elongated shape

Pond heaters and their controller

The Pond Heater/Titanium tube is a pond heater that comes in four models: 100, 200, 300 and 600W.

This heater also has an external temperature controller. The device is called Frost Guard and it consists in a watertight temperature sensor with 5-meter wiring harness that detects the temperature of the environment and the water. The controller detects when the temperature has gone down to 0° C and when it’s reached it activates the outlet connected and prevents the water from freezing.

Schego Frost Guard is available in two models that differ from one another in the maximum applicable load.

The small sample handles up to 300W of load, while the the big one can handle up to 600W of load, as well as the bigger heater of the house.

Pond Heater and Schego Frost Guard. All that is needed to prevent a pond from freezing

Aeration pumps for aquariums and ponds

The aeration pumps couldn’t be missed! The aquarium series includes six models: the smallest ones are the Prima, which can provide 100l/h of air with a consumption of 3W, and the Ideal, with 150l/h with 5W of consumption.

Then the Optimal is the first that can be adjusted and provides 250 l/h with 5W of power consumption. Next is the M2K3, which is also adjustable, and with 5W of power consumption provides 350 l/h of air. Separate mention for the WS2 and WS3 so called because, when they provide 250 and 350 l/h, they win the resistance, respectively, of a water column of 2 and 3 meters. A really remarkable performance for a power consumption of 5 and 7 Watts.

The wide offer of Schego aeration pumps and the heavy duty models WS2 and WS3 on the right

The GTD 250 is the solution for the aeration for ponds, with 250 l/h of air through a PVC pipe with check valve and porous stone for better spreading.

The aeration pump GTD250 for pond. The porous pump guarantees the capillary spread of the oxygen

The electric pumps

Finally, let’s conclude the presentation by showing Schego‘s line of electric pumps with alternating current.

This kind of pump has been designed specifically for the transportation of fish and living feeds. As we know they can suffer from the lack of oxygen during transport, especially in the summer. It’s a critical problem that forces many in the field to stop live stock shipping in the warmer periods. With this attention, the losses due to transport should drastically decrease. 

Three models, each of which can be requested in the normal version or with the battery plug, which is used with the cigarette lighter in the car.

The Optimal electronic provides 150 l/h, the TR Extra electronic 180 l/h, and the M2K3 electronic reaches 260 l/h.

Schego’s electric pumps that even work in the car


In conclusion, Schego showed, once again, how important it is for companies to invest in exhibitions like Interzoo.

It isn’t necessary to have a science fictional booth, it’s enough to have a small and functional set up. The important thing is to be present and to be known, especially in this period of general crisis.

As usual, we leave you the link of the official homepage of Schego. We also invite you to watch our video documentary about this edition of Interzoo 2022.

Simple and essential. Schego’s booth mirrors the company’s philosophy, little pomp and a lot of substance

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]


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