Pond Fountain: A Comprehensive Guide on Pond Fountain

Pond Fountain: A Comprehensive Guide on Pond Fountain


When you buy a house, the first sign of concern is decorating it. We are always looking for ideas that will spruce up our surroundings and add value. Reports suggest that adding a pond fountain can spike your property value by 6%. Sounds like a pretty great deal, right?

However, since the availability of pond fountains is diverse, choosing one becomes quite challenging. You have to consider the quality; you need to factor in the cost and positioning. You also need to be mindful of the pond aeration system with the pond fountain.

We have got your back with all the essential answers to your queries. Let us dive deep into exploring more about pond fountains and how to choose the best one.

What is a Pond Fountain?

Pond fountains are fountain fixtures installed in the middle of the pond. Some are just decorative pieces, while others actively aerate the pond. They add a lot of value to one’s property, and not to mention that it looks pretty amazing too.

Besides being a pleasing addition to your pond, a pond fountain also keeps your pond clean and fresh-looking. It reduces the risks of surface vegetation, which is pretty common with ponds. They also contribute to pond aeration, helping the aquatic life inside the pond thrive.

How Do Water Fountains Work?

One look at a water fountain can leave you confused about its course of action. How does it get the infinite supply of water? How is the water fountain working 24×7?

The questions are pretty endless.

When it comes to water fountains, pond fountains, in this case, run via two methods. It can either run via solar-powered setup, or it can run via hardwired electrical sources.

The actual structure of the fountain is made of stone since it lasts longer and requires minimal upkeep. In terms of the water supply, the water is sourced directly from the pond. In other lone-standing fountains, you have to fill up water separately or connect it to a steady water supply source from the house.

In the case of pond fountains, the water comes from the pond itself. It passes through the fountain, and the water is constantly recirculated. This results in pond aeration. The good thing about pond fountains is that you don’t have to check the water levels from time to time.

As for the power, a motor is fitted into the fountain, which charges the water through it. Keep in mind that solar-powered motors are gaining more and more popularity because of their sustainability.

Types of Pond Fountains

There are ideally two types of Pond Fountains – Decorating and Aerating.

The decorating pond fountains are high-pressure fountains. This means that they don’t do much for the pond ecosystem. So, if you are installing a fountain just for the look and aesthetic, this is the one.

On the other hand, the aerating pond fountains are high-volume fountains. These work to aerate your pond and ensure an optimal workaround in your pond. Ideally, they improve the overall quality of the pond ecosystem too, which is always a benefit.

How To Install the Pump and Fountain?

It doesn’t matter if you use solar-powered or electrically powered pumps for your pond fountain. The pump installation part is quite a technical job and should be done by a skilled professional. Typically, we’d recommend that you purchase all the pump parts first.

Without the individual pump parts, you will most definitely miss out on one thing or the other. However, with all the details in place, the overall installation process should only take a few minutes.

For those who aren’t aware, pond fountains use a submersible pump that stays underwater. The pump should remain on the level surface to work optimally without clogging. Also, the water outtake pipe of the pump should be facing outwards.

Next, you have to secure the tubing through the fountain, keeping the water outtake pipe into consideration. The pump, as we said, should be submerged inside the pond. You can then connect the cord to the electrical power source in the ground.

If everything is nestled right and the pond fountain is in place, the pump should start working immediately when connected to the power source.

How To Raise the Pump Level?

Almost every pond fountain pump you install has a set level of water pressure it can work up to. However, if that set pump level isn’t aerating the pond enough, you can always opt for a higher level.

But, how do you raise the pump level or the water pressure?

There could be several reasons contributing to the low water pressure. Ideally, we’d recommend installing an additional booster pump to improve the water pressure levels accordingly.

What are Floating Pond Fountains?

Amidst all the available choices, floating pond fountains have gained popularity. They are convenient and mainly used as a decorating pond fountain. This is because they are placed around the level surface of the pond.

So, if you are looking for an aerating pond found that runs deeper into the depths of the pond to aerate the water, these aren’t your best bet.

Typically, the floating pond fountains run 2-3 feet into the pond, which keeps them stabilized in place. Since the ponds run deeper than that, we’d recommend that you use them to add to your pond and not for other functional purposes.

Electrical Safety with Pond Fountain

Garden or pond fountains are a fantastic addition to your outdoors, not to mention that they exponentially spruce up the overall look. But, what about safety?

The majority (if not all) of the pond fountains are electric-powered. So, maintaining optimal electrical safety is very crucial with them. Since children are often curious about fountains and fascinated by them, childproofing the area is vital.

When it comes to electrical safety, always ensure that the cables are armored. Loose cables are a recipe for disaster. Most of the pond fountain pumps are connected to the underground circuits, but they impose a lot of risks. There could be a surcharge in electrical flow that could cause electrocution. The best way to avoid that risk is by installing a residual current device. This trips the circuit in case of a surcharge of electricity.

Also, if your wiring is buried in the soil on the ground, mark the area, so you don’t accidentally rake it up. This is a prevalent issue and can lead to loose wirings or electrical disputes through the pump, leading to electrical accidents.

Recommended Pond Fountains

Now that you know a lot about pond fountains and have your basics cleared up, let us give you some recommendations. Ideally, if you are looking for good floating or stable pond fountains to add to your property, there are quite a few to choose from.

Let us walk you through:

1. Pond Boss DFTN12003L Floating Fountain with Lights

Pond Boss DFTN12003L Floating Fountain with Lights

First up, we have Pond Boss DFTN12003L Floating Fountain with Lights. The entire fountain features a ceramic shaft with plastic bearings for optimal user experience. The fountain weighs around 17.55 pounds, making it easier to install and move around.

This is a 2000 GPH pump that is more than an aesthetic addition to your backyard pond. It stands out with its beautiful design and aerates the pond too. Also, the minimum operating depth of this floating fountain is 2.5 ft deep.

The installation process of this floating fountain is relatively seamless too, which adds to the benefits. Moreover, it is installed with lights that spruce up the look of the fountain as well. Remember that you’d need a professional to install the fountain and the accessory pumping and electrical system. So, prepare accordingly.


  • Durable ceramic construction
  • Aerates the pond water
  • Easy installation


2. Kasco 3/4HP VFX Series Aerating Pond Fountain

Kasco 3/4HP VFX Series Aerating Pond Fountain

Next up on the list is the Kasco 3/4HP VFX Series Aerating Pond Fountain. Unlike the previous one, this is solely an aerating pond fountain that supports your pond ecosystem for the better. The fountain adds a decorative look to the area too.

Besides the look and the operation, this pond fountain also stands out in other aspects. It features a premium quality timer control panel backed with GFCI protection. You don’t need a bottomless pond for it to work. The fountain works in as shallow as 17.5 inches of water.

The fountain features 120V configurations with double mooring lines with lighting packages too. This comes in handy when you are planning the installation. Also, the users get a 2-years warranty with this pond fountain, which reflects well on the user experience.


  • Superior design and construction
  • It comes with a timer control panel
  • Backed with GFCI protection
  • Works in shallow ponds too


  • Not the best for deeper ponds

3. COODIA 660GPH Submersible Pump Pond Fountain

COODIA 660GPH Submersible Pump Pond Fountain

The COODIA Pond Fountain is a public favorite, mainly because of its convenient design and lightweight construction. The fountain supports a maximum flow rate of 11 gallons per minute, ensuring optimal aeration of the pond water.

The fountain works in four different rhythmic patterns: blossom, frothy, mushroom, and two-tier style. The fountain and the submersible pump feature an inside filter that prevents unnecessary clogging.

You also get a detachable RGB color-changing LED light scheme, which is again a beneficial addition. It creates a beautiful look around your pond during the nighttime. The insides of this pump are integrated with a solid magnetic ceramic rotator that makes the structure energy efficient.

Besides the beautiful functions and patterns it creates, the pond fountain also has a lot of practical applications. You can use it to seamlessly aerate the pond water, keeping the ecosystem working optimally.


  • Convenient and portable design
  • Supports four changing patterns
  • Comes with a color changing LED light
  • Aerates the pond


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If you are particularly looking for an affordable yet high-quality floating pond fountain under $200, Alpine Corporation Light Floating Spray Fountain is the best. The fountain features a combination of plastic-zinc alloy material that contributes to prolonged use.

This outdoor floating light fountain is versatile. Not only can you use it for ponds, but it also works equally well for gardens. The submersible LED ring lights adds a patriotic look to the garden. Also, the fountain comes with a 550GPH pump with the associated cables.

To ensure quicker installation, the parts come with all the individual components that provide optimal usage and easy installation. You won’t have to worry about anything at all, especially when it comes to the overall installation process, especially when it comes to the individual parts.

Also, the pond fountain is backed with a 1-year warranty, which is why this is a popular choice among users.


  • Made with plastic-zinc alloy
  • Comes with LED ring lights
  • Easy installation
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty


5. Scott Aerator Co. Floating Pond Fountain

Scott Aerator Co. Floating Pond Fountain

If budget isn’t a constraint for you, Scott Aerator Co. Floating Pond is a pretty fantastic option that you can look into. The overall design is made with stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about rusting and complications.

This pond fountain is also one of the few battery-powered options and weighs around 4 pounds. So, if you are mainly on the lookout for a lightweight and good-quality pond fountain, this is your best choice.

Not just for decoration, this pond fountain has an aeration system too that keeps the pond ecosystem in the best shape. The lights are available with the fountain itself.


  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Optimal aeration system
  • Easy to install


Pond Fountain Maintenance

If you want to ensure the optimal longevity of your pond fountain, you must take care and maintain it optimally. You need to take care of a lot, from retaining the pond ecosystem to ensuring that the overall wiring and operations are checked.

Simply installing the pond fountain and forgetting it won’t do you any good.

Here are a few tips for optimal pond fountain maintenance:

Select the right pump size

The most crucial factor contributing to the maintenance is the correct pump size. If the pump isn’t of the best quality, the water won’t pass through well through the pump and aerate the pond water. So, choosing the right pump size is crucial.

Test the pond water

When installing a pond fountain, being mindful of the pond water is essential. You need to ensure that the chemical composition of the water is optimal. If not, then the pond ecosystem will pretty much end up dead.

Get professional help

Once in a while, your pond fountain needs to be taken out and maintained. Servicing is crucial if you want the pump to last for long. Ideally, we’d recommend hiring a professional to help you out with the process. Also, if the fountain is within warranty, you can directly contact the brand for servicing.

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Buying Guide: How to choose the right Pond Fountain?

When buying the right pond fountain for your home, several factors are worth considering. You need to look into the features, the price, and functionalities.

Let us look into some of the crucial factors worth considering:

Shape and size

The first and likely the most vital factor to consider is the size of the pond fountain. You want to install one that will go well with the size of the pond and not spill the water around. The size of the pond fountain is also dependent on the shape of your pond.


The power of the pond fountain is another factor that you need to consider. When choosing the optimal horsepower of the pond fountain, you need to check the shape, size, and depth of the pond. There’s no point selecting a high horsepower fountain if you have a comparatively small pond.

Price and budget

Lastly, when choosing a pond fountain, the product’s price is worth considering. There are cheaper pond fountains under $50, and then there are fountains over $1500. We’d recommend choosing the one that fits into your backyard and will ensure value for money.


What size fountain do I need for my pond?

The optimal size of the fountain depends on the depth or capacity of the pond. If you have a pond with 500 gallons of water, you need a fountain with a 500 GPH pump.

How much does a fountain for a pond cost?

The pond fountain cost can start from as low as $50 and go over $1500. It depends on the material of the fountain and the associated pump’s power.

How deep does a pond need to be for a fountain?

If you use a pond fountain just for decoration, a 2.5 feet deep pond can have a fountain. However, the pond should be at least 6 feet deep if you want aeration.

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The fountain seamlessly improves the look of your garden pond. However, choosing and installing one is quite a challenge. We hope this article guides you with all the correct information if you are struggling. Always ensure that you gauge the availability and structure of the pond before you consider installing the pond fountain in the garden pond.


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